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Golds Gym Complaint - Golds Gym Rip-Off - Gym membership
Golds Gym Complaint

Golds Gym Complaint


Golds Gym Rip-Off - Gym membership

I walked into Golds Gym with my 16 yr old daughter, and paid by ck for a one yr membership for both of us. The contract is of course multiple pages, and unfortunatly, I relied on what the salesman said - and trusted in the reputaion of Golds Gym, rather than read it. he said "I'll explain it all." he didn't say not to read it - but he did see that I wasn't going to take his time to do that. "After the first year, if she wants to continue, we can give her a low monthly fee, see if she likes it." No. After a year, they debited my account 29.99 ea month. My husband thought I authorized it for her her, I thought it was for something else - it's not clear in the shortened letters they use, and we didn't catch on for 7 months. Gold's know she hasn't walked in that gym since the end of the first year, and you can bet they know we don't read contracts, and they bank on it. I trusted them to do business in good faith and to verbally explain something so important. NEVER again will I go to Golds and never again will I leave sign w/o reading.

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sim828524 says: (4 years ago)
Golds Gym has taken over the RUSH Fitness Center in Hixson & Chattanooga, Tennessee. Golds Gym has inherited a very messed up gym. There are weight plates laying everywhere. No one puts away their weights, The equipment are all falling apart. The pads on the equipment are cracked and torn open due to not wiping their sweat from the pads, and the Sauna bath does not work half the time. When it does work, it's way below sweating temperature.
The management there is poor. It freezes during the winter time inside causes mussels to tear consistently all over the body. The music is either aerobics sound, or soft slow ballads. Boring music is a tough thing to work out in. Especially under a very heavy bar. I like most people love hard rock, but I'm willing to listen to RAP in order to make my point here. If you look into the gym, everybody is wearing head sets. No body wants to here the music the gym has to offer.

I work in retail, and it is ALWAYS good practice to understand that the customer is ALWAYS right. This should be a religion in Golds Gym, but right now it's not in Tennessee.

It's disgusting to see some senior citizen having to pick up or remove heavy plates from the equipment that another has left on. It's especially disgusting to see a handicap having to remove these 45 lbs plates from the equipment. I have seen this not once, but repeatedly. Not to mention the smaller weaker women.

When management is sloppy, the atmosphere is very uncomfortable.

My question to you is: What are you going to do about it.

NOTHING like RUSH did?


nats365 says: (4 years ago)
golds gym in uae are not to be trusted of late they have started making their dance instructors and body builder take yoga classes is there no check on the gyms to see if qualified people are taking the classes or are members life so cheap to them what if any one breaks a neck an arm or a leg while being guided by the so called quick fix instructors

JoyGill says: (4 years ago)
I agree
It seems like no one reads the fine print
I love this gym and you get so much for the money. It seems everyone wants everything for nothing. Go somewhere with less amenities. I'm serious about fitness and this gym caters to all my fitness needs.

Ridgerunner says: (6 years ago)
BEWARE of Golds Gym's SPECIALs. They sent out a large card advertising a special $9.99 a month with no contract, trying to get back customers from Planet Fitness no doubt. It listed four locations in Utah, Roy, Clearfield and under those it stated Ogden, Layton. I called and discussed the plan on the phone and made it clear I was in Ogden and they made an appointment for me. When I got there I was informed the special did not include Ogden, BUT the would give me a deal at $29.00 a month. This is the second time they have pulled this in the 4 years I have been here, guess I will stay with Planet Fitness, they at least have a true $ 10.00 a month with no gimmiks.

ejwdr says: (7 years ago)
I STRONGLY agree that the customer service and troubleshooting over membership issues is poorly handled.

I have been a Gold's member for well over two years and and recently had my wallet stolen which contained the credit card I used to auto draft my monthly dues. Under this payment method Gold's is ensured their monthly dues through debiting my account. With the events of reporting my card stolen of course my monthly payment was declined.

The issue I have is that Gold's failed to notify me at any time that payment was declined for one month only yet added a $20.00 Club Service Fee and immediately reported this to a collection agency.

If Golds Gym was truly exercising due diligence on behalf of the customer at the very least I believe I should have been notified by them that after two of timely payment and a one time issue of payment denial that maybe the customer should be notified.

Needless to say that in an era of extreme competiton in the fitness world for gym membership I cancelled my membership completely.

w8tlftr says: (9 years ago)
I went through the same thing , but after a few months I went to Golds gym north hills, and asked the people at the desk why I am still being charged after my contract, ok in small print it says you have to give a 30 day notice to cancel, well I accepted that, and filed out a paper saying I wanted to cancel, well 30 days later my wife says hey Gold's gym is still chargeing our credit card, so I call, and its always the person at the desk relaying info from the manager, saying all is taken care of and I will be credited, the next month still billed, I called the corporate office, and they said they had no record of my cancel and I needed to go to the gym I joined at, so again I went , I am pretty pissed and wanted to talk dirrectly to the manager, but again he hid in his office and relayed info saying its all taken care of, so the next month charged again 47.00 , So I get my yellow slip that was my cancel copy and went there again thinking OMG I wanna go postal now, again he doesnt want to confront me I am stuck talking to the lady at the front desk, shes telling me they dont have any record of my cancel, so I slap it on the counter, she goes in his office they make a copy and she returns saying it all taken care of, I said, I will be rembursed for 4 months right? She has to call the manager and says yes, ok I didnt believe this at all so I went home called my credit card company and they took care of it, being I had complained to them the month before, whats sad to me Is I use to be a competitive bodybuilder and have been a member off and on with Golds Gym for like 15 years, I really liked Golds gym and even competed in Golds gym sponsored events, and they want to do this to me and I am sure many others as well, I will never go to Golds Gym again, I use wieghts I have at home now.

Savemytree says: (10 years ago)
How is that Gold's Gym's fault? Sorry but you're whining at your own mistakes.

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